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5 Things To Do Before Sending Your Next Email

Participating Solution Provider

5 Things To Do Before Sending Your Next Email

So you've created your account and are ready to send an email. Many people do that immediately after starting their account.  You may have even been using Constant Contact for a while but have forgotten a few very important steps.  Please, do yourself a favor and check on these 5 very important things today!

  1. Welcome Email.JPGWelcome Email - Did you know that as soon as someone joins your mailing list they will immediately get a really nice email welcoming them to your list? If branding is important to you then you'll want to make sure that the email they get is set to be in alignment with your branding.  Add your logo, photo and colors! So many people forget this very important step. You can even add a coupon at the bottom as a thank you for joining your email list. To check this go to "Contacts" then "Sign-Up Tools" and finally "Welcome Email" on the right.
  2. ChangeIndustry.JPGAdjust Your Industry - We love checking our stats and the stats of our clients emails. But one of the statistics I look at the most is how I'm doing compared to others in my industry. Be sure to set this statistic so that your metrics can match up against others in your same industry.
  3. Check Your Settings - These settings are usually "one and done" but be sure to go in and make sure that everythign is set exactly the way that you want it.  Including your address, company logo, time zone and more. 
  4. Create Albums for Images - Managing images in Constant Contact doesn't have to be a pain! The options are there to organize these in a wonderfully efficient manner. At the very beginning of setitng up an account for a client we immediately go in and create several folders anticipating the types of images we will be adding. This allows us to select the folder for the image to be stored in when we add the image with keen attention being paid to managing our time and increasing efficiency easily.
  5. JoinMyList.JPGAdd a Join Our Mailing List to Your Facebook Page - Hours before sending an email we will schedule a post on our Facebook page and say "We've got a great info-packed email hitting inboxes shortly - are you on our mailing list? If not, click on the Join Our List tab just under our cover photo on this Facebook page!".  So install your Facebook Mailing List tab and use it to grow your list.

You may have a suggestion also and I encourage you to comment below with your ideas.  It's so important to take the time to make sure that all settings and features are complete and up to date.  I like to tell clients to spend the time up front in the beginning to make sure that everything is done correctly. It saves time later.  So many of these things fall into the "I'll do that later" category.  No way - do it now! It matters. 

Thanks for reading!

Kim Walker
5 Stones Media
Constant Contact Area Local Expert
Solution Provider
Member of Solution Provider Advisory Council