5 Things to Do Online Right Now

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5 Things to Do Online Right Now

It's a new year, and your to-do lists are getting longer and longer. New goals, complex projects, and ideas are swimming through your head. These lists can get to be daunting when it seems like nothing can get checked off in a single day's time. Read on for 5 quick things you can do the next time you're online to help your business.

1. Google Yourself
Yes, I said it. Google your business name. What do your search results look like? Is your website even showing up as one of the top listings? As business owners, we run hundreds of Google searches each week. How many of those searches are to check up on our own business? Take a few minutes to not only search your business name, but also search for major industry keywords in your geographical area. Pretend you're a customer looking for services your business provides. Are you easy to find? If you notice some weak points in your visibility, contact a professional to get a full SEO analysis.

2. Where Are You?
If you've ever used Google Maps or a similar service, you know it isn't error-proof. Check those online maps and directions to your business to make sure they are accurate and easy to understand. Most of these services offer a process by which you can make changes or request fixes.

3. People Are Talking (or Worse, Not Talking)
If your business has a Google listing, the option to leave a review is available. Do you know what people are saying about your business online? The "out of sight, out of mind" mentality can ruin a business' online reputation. Online reviews cannot be ignored! Whether on Google, Yelp, Facebook, or elsewhere, take time to see what people are saying. Thank customers for positive reviews and address the poor ratings as well. If you have no reviews to be found, it's time to encourage your loyal customers to get online and do so!

4. Be Social
Take time to check your direct messages or message inboxes on social media accounts. Phone apps and desktop notifications can get lost or forgotten, so take a minute to scan through those accounts for any comments, questions, or messages you may have missed. 

5. Get Schooled!
YouTube has a weath of information readily available. Set a few minutes aside to watch a video on setting up or managing a social media account, or learn how to run a successful Facebook ad campaign. What ever your fancy, you can find a video or blog online that can have you walking away feeling wiser and more ready for online marketing success!

Just a few minutes a day is all it takes to analyze and review your web presence, and it's easier than ever to find quick tutorials to help explain online marketing activities.

Wishing you all success and happiness in 2015!

I live and breathe small business marketing. Ask me about social media or digital reputation management over lunch, and we'll be there until dinner. Aside from consulting and educating business owners, my passions are martial arts, cooking, office supply collecting, and volunteering. Outside of my own community, I serve as Marketing Director for the 03XX Foundation - an organization serving Marine Corps Infantrymen and Corpsmen.
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