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5 Tips To Improve Subject Lines In Email Marketing

Participating Solution Provider

5 Tips To Improve Subject Lines In Email Marketing

One of the key elements in a successful email marketing program is to have good subject lines that interest your subscribers to open your email. There is no formula for writing subject lines but these guidelines will help.

1    Keep it short and simple 5-8 words.
2.   What is the immediate benefit of opening the email?  What will they gain by opening and reading the email? "January Newsletter" doesn't tell subscribers anything they didn't know beforehand.
3    Compel  people to open the email -  Use numbers and questions marks
4.   Be different.
5.   Lastly, an insider's tip - Look at the subject lines in magazines.  Yes, they are good examples for you to follow. 

If you want to discuss  "Subject Lines" with me, or any other aspect of email marketing,  feel free to contact me.

Joseph Grillo