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5 Tips for Social Media Beginners

Contributing Solution Provider

5 Tips for Social Media Beginners


So you know your small business should take the plunge into social media, but you're overwhelmed. Or perhaps you've started with social media but aren't confident that you're doing it "right." In either case, the tips below will help you in your journey. 


5 Tips for Small Business Social Media Beginners


  1. Start with one social network at a time. The big three are Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. After you're comfortable with one, add another to your marketing mix as appropriate.
  2. Learn best practices. I personally love the step-by-step directions found in the free Quickstarter series from Constant Contact.
  3. Find a mentor, someone who is doing it well and can give you time-saving tips. My colleague Bill Halldin of Halldin Public Relations introduced me to HootSuite and my colleague Richard Israel recommended the free social media aggregator NutshellMail.
  4. Take a workshop or class. I recently enhanced my LinkedIn skills at a workshop by SmartNet Strategies.
  5. Don't be afraid to make mistakes. Being human puts the "social" in social networks. 

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Maureen Dudley enjoys writing, ballroom dancing, and jazz music. A travel aficionado, she has zip-lined in Mexico, explored an Egyptian pyramid by flashlight, and slept in a 12th-century Austrian castle. Her company, Dudley & Nunez Communications, specializes in helping clients nationwide with Constant Contact. Her monthly small business newsletter, Maureen’s Marketing Moment, is read worldwide. She can be reached at (916) 759-6977 or  (

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