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5 Tips for Using Social Media as a Customer Service Tool

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5 Tips for Using Social Media as a Customer Service Tool

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Social Media has turned from a place for people to complain about bad experiences into a vast land of opportunity for you to WOW your customers, clients, and partners.  We, at Constant Contact, handle Customer Support via all of our Social Media channels and it's really a great way to reach everyone.  


Scott Levy's social media firm teaches brands on how to engage with their consumers and how to best do Customer Service via Social.  And he has shared 5 tips in the Daily Dose on


1. When using Twitter, create a secondary account specifically for customer service. We do this too. @ConstantContact provides all of our Marketing and @CTCTHelp is for customer service. We answer all customer support inquiries and praise.


2.  Reply quickly: We like to reply within 10 minutes of the tweet, though we have a set time of 1 hour for turnaround.


3.  Let the customer know who they are engaging with. With each tweet we send or post on Facebook, we either add our initials (^MR) or our full name (Marissa).


4. Reply in a friendly and helpful manner. I really hope I convey this in everything I tweet and post.


5.  Create a system of checks and balances.  We recently integrated with SalesForce and have been using HootSuite to monitor between all of our teams and social networks.


Are you doing Customer Service on Social Media?


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