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5 Tips to Avoid Wasting Time & Money on Conferences

Honored Contributor

5 Tips to Avoid Wasting Time & Money on Conferences

If you are in business, there are conferences set up for your industry for you to attend. But not everyone has the time or the money to attend these. Iman Jalali, of TrainSignal, shared these 5 tips to help you so that you aren’t wasting your time or your money.


  1. Attend local industry specific meetings or free meet-ups. Yes, those that you meet at conferences can become invaluable mentors and colleagues. But Iman states that these same people are available right at your local meet-ups for free.
  2. Look online for the speakers you’re interested in. Check out sites like YouTube to find the presentations that interest you. These are not only free, but are available when you are.
  3. Ask previous attendees. Ask your colleagues if they went last year and if it was worth it to go again this year. You can also check Twitter to find those that went last year and ask them how it was. This could be a great way to introduce yourself to someone new as well.

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