5 Tricks for Optimizing YouTube Videos


5 Tricks for Optimizing YouTube Videos

Did you know that YouTube is the third most visited website on the internet?  YouTube has grown in importance for business and personal use.  Social Media managers must dedicate time and energy to optimizing YouTube videos in order drive traffic the right direction. Bloggingtips.com shared 5 Tips on How to Optimize YouTube Videos to help you out.



1. YouTube Keywords
Including the right keywords helps your video get noticed. Use YouTube’s keyword search tool to get some ideas.


2. YouTube Title, Description and Tags
Less than 70 words is suggested for your video title. Make sure it’s relevant and includes a targeted keyword.  Video description and tags are also used by search algorithm so take time in drafting these.


3. YouTube Video Annotations
Annotations add user friendly information to the video and often make videos more interactive. In an annotation include your blog URL, website or social sites to improve visibility.

4. Playlist
YouTube playlists show an album of related videos to users. Creating a playlist of relevant videos decreases the chance that the user gets distracted away from your channel.


5. High User Engagement

The number of views, likes and shares on a video is one of the most effective factors to optimizing your video. If you are successful with creating a high quality video getting views and engagement won’t be difficult.



Check out the full article by Chitraparna Sinha on bloggingtips.com for more ideas!

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