5 Twitter Tips That Will Enhance Your Personal Brand


5 Twitter Tips That Will Enhance Your Personal Brand

ent..pngEntrepreneur.com shared 5 Twitter Tips That Will Enhance Your Personal Brand and I wanted to pass it along to you! If you are one of the world’s 284 million active Twitter users you know that it can take some work to make your profile pop-out.  If you are interested in finding more people like you on Twitter or becoming more involved check out these tips.


  1. Upload a professional photo. Have a nice photo taken with nothing distracting in the background!
  2. Build a keyword-rich biography. Use the keywords someone in your industry would search for. Check out some keywords online to get ideas.
  3. Add a website link to your profile. Fill in your Twitter profile with someone people can click on to get more information. Website, blog, etc!
  4. Indicate your location. Even if you are a business owner that travels a lot, narrowing down a location helps your profile be more discoverable.
  5. Use auto-posting wisely. You want to address tweets but you don’t want to look spammy!

Check out more on these tips by reading the full article, 5 Twitter Tips That Will Enhance Your Personal Brand by Mel Carson. Let us know what you've done to update your Twitter profile in the comments below!

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