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5 Uncommon Ways to Win a Customer's Heart

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5 Uncommon Ways to Win a Customer's Heart



Your customers are important to you. But do they know that they're important?  Harry Whitehouse, of Endicia, shared 5 ways that you can show your customers how much they mean to you that aren't used by everyone. These tactics should earn you some brownie points too!


  • Make homemade cookies for them!  Who doesn't love homemade cookies? I'm not talking about buy the package at the store, break them apart, and cook them. We're talking about your mother's or grandmother's recipe...from scratch.  Who wouldn't love that!
  • Make house calls. At Endicia, they like to schedule visits with their customers to stay on track with them. This may not work for everyone, but even a phone call to touch base is great.


What ways do you show your customers how important they are to you?


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Check out all 5 ways at, "5 Uncommon Ways to Win a Customer's Heart".