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5 Ways Social Media Can Drive Local Business

Honored Contributor

5 Ways Social Media Can Drive Local Business

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Written by: Jarrad Mack


I found a great post at Duct Tape Marketing which has 5 ways social media can drive business. It’s been said that 2011 was the year of social media marketing. Constant Contact has definitely amped up our social media features with Simple Share and Quickstarter and the still in private launch of Social Campaigns.

If you’re doing social media marketing but not seeing good results, you may want to check out this post by John Jantsch. Two of my favorite tips are:


  • Start a Group – If you’re running a small business then you’re probably an expert on what you do or sell. Why not create a group where you can share your knowledge and have discussions with others passionate about your topic? It’s a great way to promote your business and get your name out there as an expert in your field.
  • Location Matters – I love checking in at places. It allows my friends to know where I am and can also get me free swag. I remember when I went into my local comic book store and checked in and got a free water bottle in return. Not only did this make me an even more loyal customer, whenever I check in at the store, I’m giving that business free advertising on my social networks.

For the full post, check out – 5 Ways Social Media Can Drive Local Business

How do you drive business to your business? Have you claimed your venue on Foursquare?