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5 Ways Your Fundraiser Can Spell Success

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5 Ways Your Fundraiser Can Spell Success

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Normally when I try to find posts to help out Nonprofits like you, I take to my Google Reader or to my Inbox. But today I remembered that we have a wealth of information for you right on our own website! Blaise Lucey has written a great post about the top “5 Ways Your Fundraiser Can Spell Success”. And I thought I would share those with you!


Host an Interactive Fundraiser
People love to be involved so try to make it as hands-on as possible for everyone to join in on the fun!

Make It Easy for People to Get Involved
Use the tools that are easiest for people to get their hands on, like our Event Marketing product

Offer Different Ways to Donate
Not everyone is able to donate on the day of your Event, so make it easy by offering them online payments and the opportunity to send in checks earlier.

Ditch the Excel Sheet
If you’ve ever deleted a cell by accident, you know the headaches that can come from this! Instead use online event management so that everything is already in a neat place for you.

Overall, Make Things Easier for Everybody
Annie, from Wellesley Education Foundation, found that it’s much easier to have one person sit down at a computer and then let others review it. There is much less paper and nothing gets lost.


  • Have you tried out our Event Marketing product for your Fundraisers?
  • Did it help you have more success?

Check out Blaise’s full post “5 Ways Your Fundraiser Can Spell Success” on our Constant Contact Blogs.