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5 Ways to Integrate PR into your Small Business Marketing Plan

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5 Ways to Integrate PR into your Small Business Marketing Plan

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Public Relations may be the farthest thing from a small business's mind. Especially when "in the past, small businesses have been mistakenly led to believe that any sort of public relations effort would require big agencies and big fees and was usually something they couldn't afford."  But now with the power of Social Media, you don't need a PR team to help you!


Create an "Inventory" of Your Business Events

Make a list of your events so that you have a marketing plan. Even though they may seem the norm for you, they probably aren't for your followers or fans. By letting them know what is going on, it makes them feel like they are in the "Know" with your business.


Create a List of Contacts and Engage With Them Personally

Create a list of your contacts and segment them based on their type. Then reach out to them before you send out a Press Release.  This way when you are ready to go live, they'll be on top of mind and excited to learn more.


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  • Do you have a Marketing Plan?
  • Does it include PR?
  • What is working for you?