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5 Ways to Nurture Your Peer Fundraisers

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5 Ways to Nurture Your Peer Fundraisers

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Caryn Stein, VP of Communications and Content for Network for Good, wrote a really great article on their NonProfit Marketing Blog about how you can nurture your relationship with your peers who do fundraising for you. These peers reach out to their peers and help to acquire new donors for your campaigns and it's great to thank them when they do so. Here are some ways to nurture that relationship!


  1. Send them messages of thanks from you and your team. Everyone likes to have a personalized thank you message especially when it's heartfelt. It only takes a few minutes to do so.
  2. Let them know what their fundraiser is doing to help you and your organization. Keep them up to date on what your organization is doing with the funds that they are raising for you.
  3. Share their fundraisers. This is huge! If someone is running a Fundraiser for you, share it everywhere you can to let them know that you appreciate what they're doing and that you also want to help them in helping you reach all goals.
  4. Offer something unique. Is there something special that you can share with them from your organization to let them know how you appreciate what they're doing? If so, do that. A little bit for you may mean a big impact to them.
  5. Welcome them. Invite them to see what it's like in your office or ask them to attend a conference call. They'll feel like a VIP that you even considered letting them join you within your business.

How do you welcome in and reward your peer fundraisers?


Check out 5 Ways to Nurture Your Peer Fundraisers here!