5 Ways to make content go viral

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5 Ways to make content go viral

  1. You have posted a quality story. Catchy headlines can only do so much to draw a reader in. If you've posted a great headline but the following story leaves a lot to be desired, your content probably won't go viral. However, if you snag readers with a witty headline and hook them with a great story, they will want to share it with others. As Jonah Burger, a graduate student at Stanford, says, "People love stories. The more you see your story as part of a broader narrative, the better."
  2. The content is emotionally charged. Let's face it, we'd all rather read a story about something that makes us sad, angry, or happy than one that doesn't evoke much emotion. Not surprisingly, these types of stories are what people like to share with their friends and families, ultimately spreading it around the internet.
  3. Your content is newsworthy. According to Forbes.com, "Your content should always support, complement or play-off the heels of a newsworthy story." Examples include women in politics and the role of women in the workplace. Having emotionally-charged and newsworthy content is bound to garner attention around the net, as people chime in with their opinions and take note of the issue at hand.
  4. The content makes people feel like they are in the know. Everyone wants to feel smart and in the know. Berger uses LOLcats to illustrate this point. We all remember getting emails with LOLcat photos and videos, whether they were from obsessed coworkers, friends, or family members. These types of content, says Berger, "...are a perfect example of social currency, an insider culture or handshake."
  5. Your content is positive. Positive content is more viral than negative content, so says socialtriggers.com. Just think back to the last story you read. If you had to choose between a rather depressing story and a heartwarming one with a great ending, which one would you select to read and pass along to your friends?

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