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5 essential Facebook applications for nonprofits

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5 essential Facebook applications for nonprofits

5 Essential Facebook Applications For Nonprofits
By: Kim Bale

Social Media doesn't come in a handy, one-size fits all for Nonprofits.  If you find you have more engagement on Facebook then on Twitter, Kim Bale lists 5 Applications to help you get the most out of Facebook to help your Nonprofit.  These are a couple that Kim highlighted and check the Socialbrite site as this is the 1st of a 2 part series.


Social RSS App.jpg


The Social RSS App allows you to post content from your blogs right onto your Facebook Wall.  This application helps you to increase awareness and engagement. You can share multiple blogs, customizing your Facebook tab, as well as linking back to your original post.  This helps your Facebook fans to stay in the know always.





YouTube App.jpgThe YouTube App allows you to choose which of your YouTube videos will display on your Facebook Wall.  YouTube has over 500,000 active users every month.  This app allows your fans to comment directly onto your YouTube videos right from their Facebook, never having to leave the site.  They can also share to their own walls, friend's walls, pages, and groups.





To view the other three Facebook applications, ,click here.


What types of applications do you use on Facebook?

How is your engagement going on Facebook?

Is your Nonprofit on Social Media? Which ones?

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