5 steps to organize your online marketing

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5 steps to organize your online marketing

With all the tools available to promote your business online and stay in touch with your target market, it can become overwhelming.
WhichWayToGo.pngThere are dozens of Social Media sites - Instagram, Snapchat, Periscope, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr, YouTube, Flicker, Vine, Vimeo, MeetUp just to name a few. Plus there is always a flavor of the month/day that catches fire and then burns out.
How in the world can a small business keep up?

  1. Have a goal. What do you want them to do?  What is the purpose of this campaign? If you don’t direct your audience to the destination you want them to reach, how will you be able to measure your success?
  2. Have a plan.  a) What is your call to action, b) who needs to receive the message, c) when should it be delivered, d) how often will you email and post and e) what is your budget?
  3. Gather your content. Find or create content that supports your goal and delivers the message both visually and creatively.
  4. Select your media. We like to make sure email marketing is the cornerstone for online marketing. Email is the most accessed “app” on a smart phone. Nearly everyone checks email daily. A campaign that originates from an email can then be easily shared/repurposed to multiple social media sites. Did you know that you can create a campaign in Constant Contact, schedule it to go to your email audience and also post it multiple times to selected Social Media? Our mantra is -build it once, post it many.
  5. Deliver and measure. Get the message out there. If you are waiting for the perfect layout, the perfect content, the perfect time, the perfect… you are perfectly wasting your time. Progress over perfection will win every time. Send it. After you send out (deliver) your campaign. Monitor the results and adjust. Did your audience do what you wanted them to do? Or did they not do something? These results need to be reviewed and you need to adjust your tactics, strategy and goals as you move forward.

Keep in mind, that staying top-of-mind and building relationships is an important function of online marketing. Simply staying in touch with your customers, prospects and fans has tremendous value. If you are not in front of your audience, you can bet the competition will be.

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Re: 5 steps to organize your online marketing

Great post. It is a big error try to save time starting without a plan. We will spend even more if we don't have a way in our estrategy.


Psicologo Madrid

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