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5 tips for looking your best live broadcasting on Periscope

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5 tips for looking your best live broadcasting on Periscope

Have you heard about Periscope? It has been around longer than your kids were out of school for the summer and yet already it is up to 300 million users (100 million came on in the first 10 days they were live)! Periscope is just one of the big players in the live broadcasting apps and tools that social media users are adopting in droves.

With all of these great new live broadcasting tools more and more people are trying to get over their fear of of being live on camera without a delay or chance to edit video. In this blog post I will talk to you about the 5 tips for getting comfortable on camera and looking your best.

    1.    Lighting really does make a difference. My suggestion is to jump on your phone’s camera (Did I mention Periscope is only available on mobile devices) and experiment with the right place to position yourself and your camera phone for the best lighting. I personally prefer natural light so I set my camera up in front of a large window that gets tons of sunlight. This decreases shadows and makes my face come in nice and clear to viewers.  Others have taken taken lighting to the next level by purchasing lighting kits. I would suggest the natural lighting direction first. Then, if you are going to get serious about video, invest in that lighting kit. 

    2.    Camera angle can make or break you. This is another one of those times you need to break out your camera phone and start experimenting with camera positions. Having a camera pointing up towards your face is not going to do you any favors. The best position is slightly higher than your eye level. This way the camera is looking down on you. Say goodbye to unsightly shadows and double chins. If the kids can get great selfies from this technique, you can achieve a great shot in your live broadcast doing the same.

    3.    Stabilizers will make you look better and your audience less seasick. When you are live broadcasting from your mobile device and holding your device at the same time you cause a little shaking to the playback. This can make your audience feel a little queasy and can keep you out of the best lighting and best angle. The solution is to invest in a phone holder like the Square Jellyfish (see my links below) and a tri-pod. You do not have to spend a ton of money here but it can make a world of difference to have a stable camera. 

    4.    Invest in a YoPo lense. I can’t say enough about this little lense. It is less than $20 on Amazon and you can clip it on to any camera on any device you are using for your broadcast. It will make it so that your face is not so close to the screen (I can see your pores close) to widening the screen and making you look like your fabulous self...Just not so close. Check out my link below for a full list of scope gear including this yopo lense and where you can pick one up for yourself. I SWEAR by mine. 

    5.    Practice makes perfect. Listen I get it. Being on camera is scary. But here is a not so secret, you will get better the more you do it. You will be more comfortable and confident, you will grow your following, your nerves will ease and everything will run smoother. Don’t believe me? You should check out some of the first videos I ever did about 8 years ago. YIKES! I said “Um” so many times and I can’t even start to tell you how many takes I had to do just so I could be comfortable posting a 2 minute video! I have talked to so many people who were initially scared to take the plunge and get on Periscope. Visit them a month later and they are way more confident and happy they got started.  This I promise you, it gets easier and you will keep looking better and better!

As promised here is the link to the scopegear I mentioned in this post, along with some other great options for those of you who are serious about live broadcasting:

Stay tuned because I will soon be discussion more tips for being successful on Periscope or any of the other live broadcasting tools you want to explore.

Kelly Mirabella
Social Media consultant, trainer and speaker
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