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5 tips to making a successful website

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5 tips to making a successful website

These days, setting up a website can happen almost overnight, thanks to now user-friendly designs of many popular blogging sites (you know, with headers, and pages, and plugins, oh my!). As such, with a phone call to a tech-savvy friend, or after an evening of how-to Googling, you can have a website up and running in less than 24 hours. But just because a website may be easy to create does not mean that all are created equally. Here are the 5 things your website needs to be successful.

Quality Content: No one is going to return to your website if the content you are offering doesn't appeal to your target audience. Simple as that! Worry less about how often you're posting and more about what you are posting. Not only will your readers thank you for it, but so too will your website!

Design: Visitors are initially most drawn into a website based on looks. In fact, studies show that users will know within 5 seconds of visiting your site whether or not they will remain or move on! So make sure it's clean, presentable, and has enough engaging content (be it photos or headlines) to encourage visitors to keep coming back.

Ease of Use: While design and content are, arguably, of the utmost importance, if your website is difficult to navigate or too tricky to use, you'll find that your users will become too frustrated to want to return. This is especially important when it comes to contact information—make signing up for newsletters, getting directions, booking appointments, or listing FAQ all easy to find and access.

SEO Boosters: If you're website isn't easily searchable, then it's going to be difficult for new users to find you. Make sure you are using these SEO boosters, such as a blog, case studies, or testimonials to make your website more popular in Google searches.

Accurate Analytics & A/B Testing: So after you've checked off the above, it's time to monitor your hard work! And if you don't have an accurate and effective means of tracking your website's popularity, then you'll never really know if you're doing all you can to boost your website's success.


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