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6 Common Reasons Customers Come to Your Store

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6 Common Reasons Customers Come to Your Store

I'ts no secret that online shopping is huge. I know that I love my Amazon especially when I'm needing to send a gift to my nieces and nephew in Florida and I'm running behind. Oops. But did you know that over 93% of retail purchases are actually made in a brick and mortar in the US? Small Business Trends reports this and 6 reasons why people are still flocking to your store in this article. What are those reasons? If you're a retail owner or manager, these may not surprise you, but check out what they shared below!


1. Convenience: Like I said, online shopping can provide convenience if you're sending something to another state but if you want something now, a local store is where to go.

2. Testing: Customers like to try out the products. I can read a great review online but what if I want to actually see that picture on that tv that is on sale online?  Best place to check it out? The store.

3. Have a question? Who better to ask about the product then the employees who work with these products every day?

4. Inspiration: I use my Pinterest app for inspiration, but a trip to the mall can truly show me what is in style currently for fashion and home.

5. Feeling sad: Interacting with people can make you happy! And what is better than going to your local store where they know you. If you frequent a store they may know what you like and don't like and can offer suggestions and a friendly hello.

6. They want to have fun: If you're out with family or friends, you may all enjoy going to a local store to see what is new and going on. My local mall is always having people perform and events going on. That makes it a fun place to be.


What are the reasons that customers come to your store? Why do you visit brick and mortar locations to make your purchases?

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Re: 6 Common Reasons Customers Come to Your Store

I believe there is a big difference in shopping online and going to store by yourself. Personal interaction regarding the product to the costumer is better than talking online. 

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Re: 6 Common Reasons Customers Come to Your Store

Thanks for your feedback @WilliamP422! I couldn't agree with you more!