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6 Foolproof Tips for Great Nonprofit Content

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6 Foolproof Tips for Great Nonprofit Content

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Network for Good shared some great tips on Nonprofit Content.  Here are some of them!


1. Write to one person

Have one age group or one person in mind when you're writing. That will help you get the voice that you need to convey.


2.  Use active vs. passive voice

Always use active voice instead of passive - This is more powerful "Your donations helped us to send 10 children to school" vs "Our nonprofit helped send 10 children to school from your donations."


3. Edit, edit and edit some more!

Perfect your copy by rereading it at least 3 times. As you read it more, you will find mistakes and be able to correct them before you send or publish any content.


To check out the rest of Network for Good's tips, read "6 Foolproof Tips for Great Nonprofit Content"