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6 Steps to Winter Cleaning Your Business

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6 Steps to Winter Cleaning Your Business


Small Business Advocate: Take care of housekeeping now, for clean start in 2012

By: Jim Blasingame



Today, I read an article by Jim Blasingame who gives 6 ways to clean your business in time for the new year.  I really enjoyed his article because it gave great tips that should help many Small Businesses and Nonprofits so that they can be successful going into the new year.


1. Get rid of any old electronics that you don't use.  Sell it, donate it, or trash it!


2.  Throw away anything you are not using.  Don't be a pack-rat.


3.  "Retool the team" - Jim states that there is nothing worse than an unproductive employee who is bringing everyone down.  Don't let this person do this to your team for another year.


To read the full article and other 3 tips, click here.

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Re: 6 Steps to Winter Cleaning Your Business

Jim is a fabulous resource on all things small business.  Someone everyone should get to know.


Check Jim out on Twitter.




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