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6 Ways to Ask for Reviews

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6 Ways to Ask for Reviews

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Did you know that the more reviews you have, the more likely your Google Places listing will display in a Google Search? That's great real estate, right?  But, how do you get people to leave your business reviews? Rae Hoffman-Dolan has 6 ways that you can ask your customers and clients to leave reviews for your business.


Offer coupons in exchange for a review.  Yelp allows you to do this right through their site

Hit up your visitors in person.  When someone visits your business, hand them a flyer or business card that asks for a review. If you're an online business, post images or badges for reviews so that visitors to your site see them.

Always follow-up with a thank you.  Some customers will fill out and leave comment cards. Follow up with them and ask them to leave a review online.

Add a "tesll us how you found us" field to the contact form on your website. Have a drop down menu with the big players in online reviews. Follow up with customers and ask them to leave you a review on that site.

Follow-up with an e-mail. Contact customers by email and ask how they enjoyed the service you provided. Insert a link in the email to the review site you want them to leave a review on.

Leverage your customer surveys.  If you send out surveys, add an option directing to the review sites at the end of the survey.


  • Have you ever asked your customers or clients for an online review?
  • Is your business on Yelp or CitySearch?  Did you know you can receive updates via our free NutshellMail email from those review sites?
  • What sites are you using?

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Re: 6 Ways to Ask for Reviews

We haven't done as much with reviews in the past because we got online very early and were always pretty popular in our niche. However, now that we've diversified and Google continues to change, tips like these are invaluable. 


Thank you!

Mike Donovan