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6 Ways to Easily Promote Your Referral Program

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6 Ways to Easily Promote Your Referral Program



I decided to practice what I preach and start my own referral program. One thing I have learned, (thus far), is to keep it simple both for myself, and especially for my clients. In this time starved society, don't make it difficult for your super-fans to take part in your happy-go-lucky thank you program. 


Like anything, once you have your program in place, it won't work unless people know the program exists. So here 6 ways to simply...let people know.


  1. PROGRAM PLACEMENT - If your referral program is easy to find then it will increase its’ performance. Unfortunately, this is an area that many companies fail to consider. They end up burying the program. Make your referral program visible immediatley upon someone visiting your website, in the root navigation, and using banner displays. Another way to bring the program to light is to include it in your LinkedIn Summary and at the forefront of all of your social media channels.
  2. NETWORKING GROUPS - I'm a member of a hand full of networking groups. And like most groups we meet once or twice a month to conduct business, pass leads etc. When you're having your one-on-one's or it's your turn to present, make sure you inform the members of your referral program. Don't assume they know it exists.
  3. EMAIL SIGNATURE - Include information about your referral program within your email signature. You can also hyperlink the text within your signature to lead them to a landing page that would include more detailed information on your program.
  4. INVOICE REMINDERS - Billing isn’t always a pleasant experience to have with your users. So this is a great time to inform your user-base that they can save and or make $ off of your referral program.
  5. ANNOUNCMENT - Take advantage of your owned media, like your email list. Sending out an email to tell your email subscribers about your referral program is a great way to start an awareness campaign - check out mine below :smileyhappy:
  6. BLOG POST - You can also write a blog post to tell current and prospective users about your referral program. Make sure to optimize the article for search so it can rank when people are looking for *your company* referral program. This will give your users who are looking for the referral program another easy way to find it.

Finally, try to keep the program flexible. I have a colleague who has sent me 4 new clients! My program is simple, for every new client she provides she'll get 20 bucks. Easy Peasy. Well, thus far, she's closing on 100 bucks, simply by passing on my name. I sent an email to her to confirm her address, to which she emailed me back with the subject line reading I have a great idea!


"I’ve been thinking about the referral gift you offered to me – a friend and I were spending some time chatting yesterday, and there is a charity she is involved with that is in serious need of funds…now I know my $60 thank you from you (so far), isn’t going to fund an entire charitable organization, but my thought is - instead of me getting that cash, it could be donated to the Children’s Advocacy Center instead….


And, any $20 thank you going forward for each of my clients I send your way to utilize Constant Contact, could also go to the Children’s Advocacy Center."


My response? 

That's not a great idea...that's a BRILLIANT idea! YES!


Referral Program.JPG


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