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6 Ways to Tell your Stories with Data

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6 Ways to Tell your Stories with Data



I know you have data and a LOT of it too, I'm sure.  And so does Kurt Voelker, CTO of Forum One.  He believes that every "communications department is obligated to look closer at their data and how they are using it - and consider how you should be tapping into it to get work done toward your organizations goals".


Your data should tell a story and here are 6 ways to get that story told for your organization.


  1. Speak with numbers

Sometimes you can just let the numbers speak for themselves, but arrange them clearly and in "context with your Web content"


2.  Reveal change


Try to only show the information that pertains to the change your organization has made.  That way it will make a louder impact on your audience.


3.  Focus the story


As was stated above, remove everything else that isn't pertaining to your story.  Everything else is just noise, says Kurt Voelker.  Make sure the focus is on what you want them to see in your story and take-away with them.


To hear Kurt's other 3 ways to tell your story, read "6 Ways to Tell your Stories with Data"

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