6 of the Best-Kept Secrets of Successful Business People


6 of the Best-Kept Secrets of Successful Business People


Quora originally asked “What are the best kept secrets of successful business people?”. So, what was the answer? Here’s what Dan Deceuster, the founder of TallSlim Tees said.


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1. The worst-to-best scale.
Since you make decisions everyday it is important to be able to identify and avoid the bad and pursue the good.


2. Self-investment yields the biggest return.
There is a ton of financial advice out there but none of this advice comes close to the investment you can make in yourself.


3. Exploit benign manipulation.
You can influence people and change perception or behavior without harming anyone or lying to them.


4. Successful people are never bored.
Successful people are never bored and tireless. They are almost never satisfied with anything and always trying to learn more.


5. Success doesn’t change successful people.
The most successful people in the world recognize that whatever it took to become successful is what it takes to remain successful. Hold onto the secret you used to achieve your initial success.

6. Success means different things to different people.
Success doesn’t mean the same thing to everyone. To you being successful might not involve wealth but instead involve friends and family.


Check out the full article on Inc.com. What’s your secret to success? Let us know!

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