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7 Chrome Extensions to Make You More Efficient

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7 Chrome Extensions to Make You More Efficient

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Let's be honest, sometimes we're not as efficient as we need to be at work.  With all these sites with great information, it's very easy to get distracted when sitting at your computer.


Well, Grace Nasri has 7 Extensions for the Chrome browser to help you to be more focused at work.  Here are a few of my favorite!


Rapportive:  When you enter an email address into Gmail, it will pull up the recipient's LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter accounts in a sidebar, with recent tweets, photo, work history, and any past email correspondance between the two of you.


Boomerang: This allows you to schedule emails to be sent at a later time or date. Extremely useful if you are going to be on vacation.  It also allows you to save template replies for quick messages later.  I know we've all sent the same information multiple times to that same person before.


Explain and Send Screenshots: Pretty self-explanatory, but how cool is this?  You can take a screenshot and then edit it with text and color to get your point across.  You can also save it as a file or receive a URL to share on Social Media.


PanicButton: Now, please don't tell my boss about this one!  But with this extension, you can hide all of your tabs that are open on your window with the click of a button and then you can also restore them.


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