7 Content Ideas for Social Media When You Do Not Know What to Say

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7 Content Ideas for Social Media When You Do Not Know What to Say


Mark Mikelat - Business Development Consulting - Building Aspirations (1).jpg7 Content Ideas for Social Media When You Do Not Know What to Say
by Mark Mikelat,
president of Building Aspirations


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A good number of people are confused about social media marketing. I understand the frustration. Sometimes, you simply do not know what to say. Allow me to provide you some quick tips. Enjoy this short article - 7 Things to Say on Social Media When You Do Not Know What to Say.
Ask for a testimonial
If you are speaking about yourself and how great your product is, that is bragging. Yet, if somebody else speaks to your great service, product quality, or innovation, that is a testimonial. The first is bad, and the latter is good. When a happy customer shares their experience with the world, they are providing you a public endorsement. Ask you customers to share their experience on your Facebook business page.
Tell a story about your best work day
Everybody loves stories. Pick a particularly good day or experience that you had and share the details with your audience. A great way to do this might be via a basic video. Simply create a video, host it on Facebook and share the link with your audience. If this is a professional, higher quality video, share it on LinkedIN.
Create a selfie photo contest
User generated content creates engagement with your fan audience. It speaks directly to your fans, keeps them involved and creates a bit of buzz around your brand. You might ask your fans to take pictures of themselves standing next to, or holding your product. This is more than just a bit of random fun. You might create customer envy and win a new customer because they want the same experience. If you do not have a physical product, use a variation of this idea with a logo contest.
Create a logo contest
Suppose that you have a business to business model, or you work in a professional services industry. There might not be a straightforward visual content strategy for you. For example, what is a good visual for accounting? Posting pictures on Instagram of your spreadsheets might not garner the interaction and marketing attention that you are seeking. Use your logo. Your logo is a powerful piece of your branding strategy. Encourage your fans to print out your logo and take creative pictures of themselves holding it, and then have them post these photos on social media. Have fans vote for a contest winner. The contest prize might be a gift card, or a certificate for your services. This strategy allows you to tap into creativity even if your marketing team is not creative.
Share tips
Also, you can share tips. People love tips because they are quick and easy. Notice the title of this post. If the title were "113 tips..." you might not be reading it. But, when you present 3, 5, or 7 tips people understand that the information will be concise and specific. They might invest five minutes to read it. More importantly, tips help solve problems. Provide these solutions in your tips, and link everything back to your products and services. You could also implement a version of this with expert advice.
Provide expert advice
When you provide expert advice, you share your expertise for one specific problem. For example, you might share a blog post entitled "What you really must know about ____ before you ____." Simply plug in the keywords for your target market and wow 'em with your expert knowledge. If you are a contractor your blog or Facebook post might be "What you really must know about your home before you hire a plumber."
Share an exclusive offer
You can also share an exclusive offer on social media. An exclusive offer does not need to be a discount. It could be first access. Perhaps your email newsletter subscribers will get the first opportunity to purchase a new product. People love exclusivity. We are all jealous of the elite frequent flyers who can board the plane two minutes before we can. Apply this exclusivity principle to your email marketing program.
Next Steps
As long as you remain focused on helping your customers, solving problems for your fans, and engaging your target market, you will always have something to say on Social Media. If you need help with putting together a strategic social media marketing plan, contact us. We specialize in helping small businesses with their social media marketing strategies. Click here to get the conversation started.
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