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7 Creative Ideas for Social Media Content

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7 Creative Ideas for Social Media Content

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7 Creative Ideas for Social Media Content

by Mark Mikelat, president of Building Aspirations

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A key value in social media marketing is the content sharing. You want people to share your messages. This is word of mouth marketing at its finest. When a trusted consumer passes along your blog post, email campaign, or video link, it is an implied endorsement. Yet, your content will only be shared if it has value to the reader. It must be focused on the market first. Help them. Educate them. Inspire them. Do not just sell to them. If you need help in this area, read on. Here are 7 Creative Ideas for Social Media Content.




People love contests. There is just something about winning that intrigues and entices people. They love the fact that they can get a prize. Whether it is the gold star from your kindergarten teacher or the gift card from a Facebook promotion, the chance of prize-winning engages us. To leverage this, create and promote contests with prizes that are focused on the needs and wants of your target market. If you need a software-based solution to help you, tap into the Social Media Campaigns feature of Constant Contact’s Toolkit.


User-created Content


Also, you can have your users actually create content for you. Ask them to share, post or comment. For example, you might ask a controversial question about a topic that is of particular importance to your target market. Suppose that you sold educational supplies to parents. Perhaps your question might be “What is your suggestion to prevent bullying in our schools?” Because this is such an emotionally critical issue for parents right now, you will likely get a lot of engagement. And, these parents are your target market, so you are engaging potential customers.


Video Testimonials


I strongly encourage you to tap into video testimonials. Some of you can create and post videos with the click of two buttons on your phones. Granted, these videos are not Hollywood production quality, but depending on your needs and target market, that might be just fine. Capture the excited satisfaction of your clients. Remember to post these videos on YouTube with proper keywords to drive optimized website traffic. Since Google, owns YouTube, this is an SEO tool for you. If you need video marketing help, consider investing in the YouTube DIY Success Kit.




People love tips and this idea works for every industry and every product. Every single one of us on the planet needs better ways, easier ways, and less expensive ways to do everything. Be the source of this information. Share your expertise. You cannot give away all your wisdom in a simple blog post. You have infinite knowledge. Just share some of it. It you get stuck, just think about the questions that you get again and again in your business. They are repeated because they are the questions that your market most needs the answers to. To really excel at this, consider using a different voice.


An Adopted Voice


When I say voice, I really mean the source of the expert advice. It could be your expertise, but you could share it via a surrogate. There are countless examples. Personally, I love that Geico uses cavemen and a gecko to sell insurance. I strongly suspect that 95% of the population of the United States did not know what a gecko was before the launch of the incredibly creative Geico campaigns. Borrow the voice of your kids, your pet, your car; it works.




Please share stories. People love stories because they connect us. Share stories that people can relate to and appreciate it. We all have stories of failure, bad decisions, great purchases, and disastrous vacations. Find the common elements in your market demographic and share the stories. If you sell running gear, share the story about how you wore the wrong shoes in a race and paid for it dearly. I suspect that your target customers will appreciate the anecdote because they can personally relate.


Best Case Examples


Remember, to share best case examples about you, your products and your services. Wrap up everything in a manner that showcases how you solve problems, and address the needs of your target market. By doing this via testimonials, stories, and tips, you are speaking to your value.

You are marketing your products without an aggressive sales pitch, and this will encourage social media sharing. Create best case stories that people want to share.


Do you need some online marketing help?

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