7 Reasons Why Your Marketing is Not Working

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7 Reasons Why Your Marketing is Not Working

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7 Reasons Why Your Marketing is Not Working

by Mark Mikelat, president of Building Aspirations

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Sometimes when working with clients, I have found that they appreciate negative examples. Failure is good. Perhaps, we do not appreciate our failure, but if we can learn and improve from it, then the failure is not really a failure. Allow me to share some marketing failures to help you improve your own marketing. Enjoy this article – 7 Reasons Why Your Marketing is Not Working.


1) You are focused on the product


Are you selling your product? I have said it before and I will say it again. Nobody cares what you are selling. They do not care about your product, your service, or your cause. They care about the benefits. They care about how your product helps them. Your market does not care about your exercise program. They care about their fitness. Market that. Your charity is not important. The impacts of your charity and the good that it provides the community are what people care about. Always focus on benefits, especially over price.


2) You are focused on price


More often than not people buy from emotion, not from financial analysis. Price is not the number one factor in a purchasing decision. People want good deals, but that could mean quality ingredients, excellent service, a friendly sales person or so many other characteristics that are not directly related to price. People understand that if they buy a radio from the 99 cent store, they are not buying the best quality. Do not focus solely on price, but do focus on your competition.


3) You are ignoring the competition


The market has choices and we want your target market to choose you over your competition. To compete with your competition, you must pay attention to them. Are they doing something that is attracting a lot of business, or in worst case, taking your customers? Pay attention to what they are doing. And, if you cannot beat them at their game, create your own game. Market something about your business that they cannot easily copy.


4) You listen and ignore


Not only must you pay attention to your competition, but also your market. Most of you listen to and then ignore your customers. If they are complaining that your product is the wrong color, change the color for crying out loud. Time and time again I hear clients lament about what their market wants when so often it can be easily provided. The market is telling you what they are willing to buy. Please do not ignore them.


5) You talk too much


Remember, when you were five and your mom told you that you had two ears and one mouth? She explained that was because you needed to listen more and talk less. Stop with the blah, blah, blah marketing. It is necessary? If the CSI team on TV can find the killer in 42 minutes, why does it take you 10 web pages to explain your product? Convincing through information fatigue is not a good way to acquire new purchasers.


6) You are impatient


It is far better to have shorter, more direct and concise marketing messages and repeat them over time. Trust building is a critical part of any marketing strategy. Buyers need to trust you, your business and your offerings before they will purchase. This is a type of relationship building and it happens slowly. Rapport is built with persistent and consistent messages over time. When you start a new marketing strategy, you need to give it an opportunity to succeed. If you are executing properly, you will achieve success, just not immediately.


7) You are repeating failure


Also, you just keep doing the same thing over and over again even though you know it is not working. It is a bit odd, but human beings are comfortable with what we know. And even if our standard types of marketing are not producing for us, because we are familiar with them, we accept mediocre success. Are you that person who puts keeps putting flyers on my car windshield? Does it work? I suspect that it does not, but it is a common practice because many are comfortable with it. It is easy. It is not threatening. Even though it has a high likelihood of failure, businesses repeatedly do it. I want you to experience success and that could come from the unfamiliar. Investigate what makes sense for your business, determine a reasonable plan and budget and execute the new ideas.


Need Help?

Do you see the value, but just need the right marketing partner to help you implement these ideas? Building Aspirations can help. Contact us today.


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