7 Simple Ways to Improve Your Click Through Rate

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7 Simple Ways to Improve Your Click Through Rate

 Click Through Rate

1. Cut down to the essential

In this time-starved society we all live in, people simply don't have time to read a long email. So cut to the chase and inform them what exactly you want them to do and how you want them to do it. 


2. Motivate your readers to take action

No one will ever sell your goods and or services better than your customers. So why not include their personal testimonials to provide your readers with yet another reason to do business with you.


3. Include the same link multiple times, not just in the included Call To Action Button


4. Follow up quickly

Once your reader has taken the action you have asked them to, send them an immediate Thank You and encourage them to refer others.


5. Include a video

Videos by far, get much more engagement than an image.


6. Use a button in every email you have a Call To Action.


7. Segment your lists

Not so strangely, as your email list begins to grow...say into the thousands, your open rate begins to go down. This is not surprising, if you're sending out a "blast" of the same content to the entire list. Nothing and I do mean NOTHING beats a special offer that's based on the recipient's specific interests. 

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