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7 Smarter Ways to Work From Home

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7 Smarter Ways to Work From Home


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Seven smarter ways to work from home

Mark Evans


We all know working from home sounds lovely.  Mark Evans has given us some practical tips to live by when in the situation where you are able to work from home.  This definitely applies to working out of your home as well.  I know that when I work from home, I'm going to have to keep Mark's list handy to keep me on track!



  1. Even if you do work from home, you still have to go to work.  You want to establish the mind set that you are indeed going into work, even if you're going into the basement or just into an office at home.
  2. Dress for success.  This is huge. I don't know about you, but I'm a big fan of working my pajamas and I'll admit that sometimes I put off showering until the work day is over.  A friend of mine works from home and she is always dressing up, though all that see her are her 2 children (3 and 1) and her husband.  Dressing up even when working at home helps put you in the mindset we talked about in number 1.
  3. Eliminate the distractions.  The Tv, the fridge, the animals.  If you need to run errands, try to do it during your lunch break and not in the middle of your day.
  4. Make your office a no-fly zone.  Sometimes I have to work from home if my stepson is ill or has a snow day.  I have to remind him that he needs to entertain himself by watching TV or playing video games.  Make sure your family knows that you are in fact working and not to be distracted during your business hours.
  5. Be disciplined about where you work.  Try not to just stand in the kitchen to work if possible. If you have an office, use it.  Besides, if you're in the office, you probably don't have a TV in there to distract you.
  6. Keep office hours.  You will need to not let the home and work life lines blur, otherwise you won't be able to get anything accomplished.  Set aside time to do your work to get the most out of it.
  7. Try not to be tough on yourself.  Things happen, as Mark says.  Sometimes you have to let life through so you can live it.  So if you don't get everything done you needed to, tomorrow is another day.


How do you get your work done if you're working from home?

Any tips to share with us?