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7 Social Media Marketing Excuses Obliterated

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7 Social Media Marketing Excuses Obliterated

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7 Social Media Marketing Excuses Obliterated

Mark Mikelat, president of Building Aspirations

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Time and time again in my social media marketing workshops I hear excuses why business owners have not leveraged social media to market their businesses. Here are seven of the most common excuses. Enjoy the short article: 7 Social Media Marketing Excuses Obliterated.


1) Social media marketing does not work.


Years ago, I would share statistics, and try to convince people that it does work, but I do not do that anymore. Social media is a marketing tool, and every tool can be effective or ineffective depending on how it is used. Social media marketing can work for you, with the proper strategy. If you start any project with the assumption that it will not work, it probably won’t.


2) I do not have the time for social media.


I cannot tell you how many clients I have worked with who have had this sentiment. They were adamant that they did not have the time until, of course, the social media campaigns started driving traffic and conversions. Then, magically the laws of time and space miraculous changed and ‘created’ time for them to work on social media marketing. You have time for what works.


3) I find social media silly. I do not care what people had for breakfast.


Sometimes I wonder if the marketing staff at Starbucks are in a conference room somewhere doing back flips and giving each other high-fives. There are thousands of people sharing their experiences and even bragging about their Frappuccino® purchases on social media. This drink has its own Twitter account with 132,000 followers. For the Starbucks brand manager supporting this drink, this is far from silly. Understandably, you may not have the brand power of Starbucks, but what if you had 132 followers making ‘silly’ comments about your product every day?


4) I do not have a huge number of followers.


Do not be swayed by the numbers. Quality is more important that quantity. It is far better to connect with 10 people who know, love, trust, and respect you then 10,000 who do not know you. Trust is an integral part of successful business, and a trusted relationship takes time to develop. Instant success only comes, after long, hard work. You should think big, but start small.


5) Who cares what I have to say?


You are an expert in what you do and there are countless people in your market who want and even need to hear what you have to say. Let us suppose that you are a mortgage broker. There might be millions of people who do not understand what a mortgage is. They might understand that they need it to purchase a house, but are ignorant in the decisions that need to be made. A simple blog post, YouTube video, or email marketing message entitled “How to Find the Best Mortgage for You” might be simple for you, but a godsend to somebody who is confused, stressed, and anxious in the home buying process.


6) I am too old. Social media is for young people.


Two months ago I was giving a workshop on video marketing strategy. There was a gentleman in the audience who was there trying to get new ideas for promoting his business. He was 84 years old and he was looking for new ideas to market this farming-focused ecommerce site because his Google Adwords™ strategy was no longer working. Social media marketing is for any business that can benefit from it. Youthful staff members are not a guarantee of success.


7) I am waiting to give this to my college intern / teenage son / teenage daughter.


Earlier this year I was speaking at a business conference about social media marketing. I had the opportunity to speak to two young professionals, both of whom commented that their bosses sent them because they were the youngest employees in the company. Both of them confessed to me that they were totally clueless about marketing. There is stereotypical assumption that youth=good at social media marketing. Perhaps a Millennial may be more knowledgeable about YouTube and Instagram, but do they have the skills needed for segmentation, or lead generation, or targeted marketing? Your social media marketing should be implemented by those with skills in social media and skills in marketing. Please make your staffing decisions by competency and not age.


Do you need help with your social media marketing?

Do you get the point, but just need some expert help? Building Aspirations can help. Contact us today.

Mark Mikelat can rock you next conference with a great workshop. Click on his video speaker reel

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Laurent D
Not applicable

Re: 7 Social Media Marketing Excuses Obliterated

I'm a social media marketing personal. So I know about the challenges. Althogh the world of social media is full with chanllenges. But it's really a great place to make engagement with my customer. Easily they can share there opanion for our service. So I'm working to win the social media challange.

Participating Solution Provider

Re: 7 Social Media Marketing Excuses Obliterated

Yuppers!  That is what it is all about... connecting. 

Mark Mikelat can rock you next conference with a great workshop. Click on his video speaker reel

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