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7 Things Not to Do With Your Newsletter

Honored Contributor

7 Things Not to Do With Your Newsletter

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Katya Andresen shared 7 tips from Kivi Leroux Miller's free guide!  So I thought I would share them with you!


1. Letter from the Director.

2.  Calendar of Events

3. Boring Photos

4. Masthead

5. Long Articles

6. Big Display Ads

7. Complicated Charts and Graphics


Be honest, have you used any of these 7 in your newsletters?

How was the response?

Remember if you're sending out newsletters to your donors, you need to make it all about THEM!


Check out Katya's full article for more indepth on "What should you do with that newsletter of yours? Not these 7 things"!

Regular Advisor

Re: 7 Things Not to Do With Your Newsletter

So true! People get spammed with e-mails all day long. We need to make it short and sweet. The best way to know what a customer wants is ask yourself what you want. You want to know about the sales or discounts. You want to know about any new and exciting products or services being offered. You want crisp, clear images. You want things that make you feel good or things that make you smile... and so on. You can't go wrong if you're thinking about the wants of your reader before your own. 

Mike Donovan
Honored Contributor

Re: 7 Things Not to Do With Your Newsletter

Thanks Mike! I couldn't agree more!