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7 Tips on Being a Better Person

Regular Advisor

7 Tips on Being a Better Person

I've noticed over the years that as entrepreneurs push for success, they'll often forget about basic ethics and/or good old-fashioned values. So, I thought it would be good to put some reminders out there. Here are some tips for ya: 


1. Humble yourself. While self-pride is a good thing and a motivating force, often it leads to arrogance. Nobody likes a no-it-all or a jerk. Make the world a better place by bringing your pride down a notch or two.


2. You are what you eat. Surround yourself with good books filled with wisdom and sound advice. The more you eat good food, the healthier your body becomes. The same goes for what you put in your head.


3. Help others. It's been shown over and over again that when we help other people, we help ourselves. It does something for the soul. Try it and see!


4. Resolve to be kinder and gentler. It's all too easy to be critical. If we step back just a bit, we'll have an opportunity to find more good in people and give them the benefit of the doubt more often.


5. Balance. If you eat a little less food, you maintain a better weight. If you turn the stereo down just a bit, you prolong your hearing. If you give more than you take... well, you get the picture. Balance is good for us.


6. Have a role model. If you recognize someone wise, perhaps you could spend more time with them. Goodness rubs off on us. In the same manner as 'you are what you eat', hanging out with the right friends or mentors almost guarantees our happiness.


7. Gratitude. Studies have shown that when we are more thankful for people and things, we are happier. Take time to appreciate what you have and be thankful for it.


8. Choose to see the glass as half full. Optimism is a virtue. We can get a bit 'complainy' at times. Choose instead to find what you like about your situation and focus on that. You'll find it leads to more contentment overall.


9. Stop and smell the roses. Take time out of your busy life to literally bend over and smell a flower or appreciate a sunset. Remember the movie "Pretty Woman" when Richard Gere takes off his shoes and walks through the lawn? There's an important message in this.


10. Golden Rule. Do your best to treat others as you yourself want to be treated. It works in your personal life and it works in business as well. When you feel like the decision you've just made might be a little harsh, stop and ask if you would have liked that done to you. If you have to think about it for very long, the answer is "no". The Golden Rule always works and it's a great measuring stick for decision making.



We're not perfect people. Our creator didn't quite set it up that way. But he gave us the tools to get closer to it. Each of us has in our power the ability to be better people. When we take this seriously and recognize its importance, it serves to make the world a better place. Don't read this article lightly. Take time to contemplate each tip and ask yourself if you could do any one of them better. Together, we can make this world a better place - starting with ourselves.


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For more inspiration, visit my Drumming Up Support for a Better World page on Facebook.

Mike Donovan

Re: 7 Tips on Being a Better Person

Hi Mike,

Thanks for posting, these are great tips!

Hannah M.
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Occasional Advisor

Re: 7 Tips on Being a Better Person

I agree that this are great tips. Thanks for this reminder.

Regular Advisor

Re: 7 Tips on Being a Better Person

Thanks guys! 

Mike Donovan