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7 Tips to Increase Your Blog Comments

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7 Tips to Increase Your Blog Comments

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Hi Everyone,


Do you run a blog? If so, I'm sure you look forward to receiving feedback on what you post. If comments are down, I've found a great post on Social Media Examiner that has 7 tips for improving your blog comments.


Here are the tips I found to be most useful:


  • Check your blog comments settings - When was the last time you checked to see how hard it is for someone to comment on your post? If a reader has to jump through hoops to post a comment, you can be sure they will not leave one. Thankfully the post will show you how to adjust your settings to allow easy posting (and help keep spammers from commenting).
  • Ask for comments - You should always be asking for feedback when you close your post. Did you ask a thought provoking question in your post or did you make your readers aware of something they may not know? Get the answers you need and the feedback you want by urging your readers to comment.
  • Provide comment instructions - Not every reader will find your page intuitive and it's up to you to show your visitors how to comment on your post.

You can check out all 7 tips here - 7 Tips to Increase Your Blog Comments


Here is the part where I ask for your feedback What did you think of the post? Do you have any tips you can share with the Community for increasing comments? Let us know by clicking the Reply button.




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