7 Traits of Marketing Maestros

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7 Traits of Marketing Maestros

{2:20 minutes to read} I’ve only had one real boss: my father. He’s a deep thinker & very learned—inspirational to many people. He taught me pretty much everything I know in terms of business.


I’d like to share one of the best lessons he taught me, which still rings true on a daily basis: 7 core values around which he based his company. They are known by the acronym MAESTRO (he was from the AT&T days of “TLA”—Three Letter Acronyms—and was a fan of acronyms himself).


7 Traits of Marketing Maestros | Vikram RajanMindset – The right mental attitude is important. You must face reality, but you can face it with hope & vision.


Alignment – Align your priorities. Know what they are, even if they shift over time.


Education – Learn what your job/role is. As CEO, your role is that of a maestro, not a tactician or practitioner.


Systems – It is important to develop systems and processes which are more than mere checklists. Remember that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.


Technology – This doesn’t just mean high-tech gadgets, although it certainly can mean that too. Technology can be as simple as a cup or a stick; it’s whatever you use to do your business—your tools of the trade.


Relationships – Understanding the power of relationships is crucial to success in life and in business.


Ongoing innovation – Staying alive & fresh will keep your business going forward. Kaizen, a Japanese business philosophy, teaches continuous improvement of working practices and personal efficiency. There is a business adage which says, “The train industry didn’t foresee cars.” Similarly, the Franklin Planner industry didn’t foresee Palm Pilots, which in turn didn’t foresee the iPhone.


My father used the MAESTRO principles in his work as a management consultant, and I use them today in my own company. How do these traits resonate with you as a practitioner & entrepreneur?


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