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7 Ways to Increase Business in 2012


7 Ways to Increase Business in 2012

With 2012 already underway, it is critical to know where you are taking your business and how you are getting there.

In a tight economy where business owners must make the most of their productivity, how will you stay ahead of your competitors?


The following are low cost, fundamental ways to increase business profits this year ….


  1. Determine and write down your specific 2012 profit goal — the actual # – look at the goal every day to keep it always on your mind.
  2. Know Your Numbers– not only your monthly financials; but also your Key Performance Indicators – these will vary from business to business but here are a few that would apply to your business = # of leads per week; conversion rate from prospect to sale; average dollar sale; profit margin; client retention; etc …
  3. Write a Description of Your Perfect Customer and focus your marketing efforts of those that fit the description.  This will reduce your marketing costs and time and increase your conversion rates
  4. Establish and Follow a Consistent Sales Process.  From the point when you meet a prospect through the point where you close the deal take the same steps with everyone.  Only in this way will you be able to measure what’s working and what’s not.
  5. Sell on Value; not on Price.  If you focus on price you’ll get what you deserve because the prospect will then also focus on price.  So focus on the value you bring and what you can bring to your prospect that your competition can’t.
  6. Focus Your Marketing Efforts on Your Existing Customer Database.  It’ll cost  you less time and less money to close them into additional business because they already know you and your company.  There’s gold in your database … focus on it.
  7. ASK, ASK, ASK.  Ask your clients for referrals. Ask your customers testimonials. And most of all ask your prospects for the business.

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Re: 7 Ways to Increase Business in 2012

I would add few more:

  • Joint Ventures (who is making money when you are making money. Join forces with them, they might even pay for your marketing)
  • Create irresistible offer
  • Create up-sell and down-sell of your product/service
  • Positioning yourself as trusted advisor
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Re: 7 Ways to Increase Business in 2012

These points are not only for the 2012 but for the 2013 also. Because, the fundamental way are always same in most cases. Please update more about the points to increase the profit.