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7 Ways to Move Your Consumers to Purchase More

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7 Ways to Move Your Consumers to Purchase More

The purpose of direct marketing copy is to encourage people to take action.

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The more you address the specific human elements that motivate consumers, the greater your chances are to move them to action… to prod them to buy.


So, what moves people?

  1. People can’t resist a bargain — they want to work less and make more money. They seek unbounded pleasure and satisfaction.
  2. People seek to improve themselves. They want to save time. Given a choice, they’ll take a quick fix anytime over something that must be nurtured or pursued. They seek security and safety. They want to be completely individualistic, yet feel they fit in with the crowd. People want a sense of belonging (check out Facebook). They desire more confidence and prestige.
  3. People seek power, stature, fame, the admiration and flattery of others, and insider information. They are often envious, revengeful, and proud.
  4. People need to satisfy physical hungers or thirsts. They seek better health and well-being, and longer life. People seek to avoid danger, taxes, and poverty. They want to be protected.
  5. Their goals are to be a leader, lose weight, develop a skill, make a lasting impression, speak well in public, find out what’s new, do their jobs better, and take advantage of opportunities.
  6. They long to own a business, make lasting friendships, work less, alleviate pain, protect their families, prevent theft of possessions, cut costs, worry less, and improve personal relationships.
  7. As love and affection motivate, so do guilt, grief, sorrow, and pity. Finally, people respond to patriotism, conservation, children, pets, and fun.

You don’t need to solve the entire human condition in every direct marketing piece you write and deploy. However, you want to think carefully about what you are selling, to whom, and how best to make them want to take action.


And you thought you knew your consumer needs inside and out? Keep an open mind.


Make sure to share this list with your team, especially those in close contact with consumers. After a while of “listening,” a few trends usually show up, that can lead to newer ways to target or a new group segment.


Consumer change can happen as fast as the last traffic forecast that doubled your destination time. Be prepared.


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