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8 Inspiring Habits of Truly Remarkable Bosses


8 Inspiring Habits of Truly Remarkable Bosses

12-16-2014 8-23-43 AM.jpgDid you know people are more likely to stay at a job they don’t like because the want to continue to work for their current boss? shared 8 Inspiring Habits of Truly Remarkable Bosses, check them out below!


  1. Take real, not fake risks. Great bosses stand out because they want to do the right thing. They take unpopular steps and are willing to step outside business-as-usual to make things better.
  2. See opportunity in instability and uncertainty. Great bosses see crisis as an opportunity. They know it’s difficult to make changes when things are going well.
  3. Believe the unbelievable. Memorable bosses expect more from themselves and from others. They bring you along on an unbelievable ride.
  4. Wear your emotions on your sleeve. Great bosses are professional yet openly human. They show excitement, appreciation and disappointment.
  5. Save others from onrushing buses. Great bosses never throw their employees under the bus and instead see the bus coming and pull their employees out of the way.
  6. Go there, do that, and still do that. Great bosses aren’t afraid to roll up their sleeves and do the grunt work. No job is ever too menial, no task ever too unskilled or boring.
  7. Lead by permission, not authority. Great bosses leas because their employees want them to lead not because they have the authority to lead.
  8. Embrace a larger purpose. A great boss works to achieve company goals and to serve a larger purpose.

Are you a boss everyone wants to work for?


Check out the full article by Jeff Haden, 8 Inspiring Habits of Truly Remarkable Bosses.

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