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8 Tips For Using Pinterest For Business Boost


8 Tips For Using Pinterest For Business Boost

Social media has been on the rise the past few years.  With sites like Facebook, Twitter, Utube and LinkedIN, social media has taken over the world of Internet marketing.


Keeping on your toes when it comes to SEO and online marketing is a must these days.  So what's new that you should be checking out to keep your business on the up and up?




Perhaps you have been living under a rock if you haven’t already heard of Pinterest.  Pinterest is the latest social media site that has been receiving a loads of attention.   With nearly 1.5 million users visiting Pinterest daily, Pinterest is a site that should not be overlooked by business owners.


For those of you looking to increase website traffic through social media Pinterest is your next step.  Pinterest users are spending an average of 89 minutes a month on the site!  In January 2012, Pinterest drove greater traffic to websites than LinkedIn, Google Plus, Reddit and YouTube – combined.  


Pinterest is the aspirational Facebook so to speak.  Facebook shows people who you are and Pinterest shows who you want to be.  Pinterest is eye catching, beautiful, viral and certainly addictive with certain audiences.  With woman being the largest audience, Pinterest draws largely woman from 25-45 who are decision makers and influencers.  So – especially if your average customer is a woman within this age range, pinning is a must!


8 Tips For Using Pinterest For Business Boost:

  1. Feature your business name on your profil and Utilize the “about” section to tell about your business, include a URL for your website in this section as well
  2. Comment and “like” other people’s pins
  3. Pin your own blog posts – but remember not to over publicize your content
  4. Connect with your Facebook and Twitter accounts which will help you gain followers
  5. Add the “Pin it” button to your website so others can pin your content
  6. Engage with others on the site.  Run a promotion, encourage repinning an interact with your followers
  7. Use keywords in your description of your pins so that others can find your images and boards when they conduct a search
  8. Create unique boards – on conferences you attend; client boards; quick start guides such as “How to Get the Most Out of working with Me” etc.

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