8 Trust-Building Strategies to Build Your Business

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8 Trust-Building Strategies to Build Your Business


Just as you have only one opportunity to make a good first impression, you stand to gain or lose trust in your direct marketing depending on how you approach your readers. 


Here’s how to put these eight trust-building strategies to work for you in your direct marketing strategy.


1. Personalize your direct marketing message. People do business with people. When you get a little personal, you help prospects get to know you. This builds trust. It helps when you say, “Hello George,” rather than “Hello Sir or Madam.” And it’s okay to put passion, personality, and enthusiasm into your direct marketing messages.

2. Use testimonials. People pay more attention to what other people say about you than to what you say about yourself. Testimonials from people who have had a positive experience with you make the task of building trust easier.

3. Use editorial writing styles rather than ads. People resist a hard sell. And they resist and distrust ads that seem too good to be true. When your approach is softer… more one on one…when you include testimonials and stories… you build trust.

4. Give away something. People like “Free.” Whether it’s an article, case study, webinar, or free shipping, you add credibility and trust to the relationship. 

5. Give examples. When you give an example by telling a story of how one client did such-and-such and another did so-and-so, you make an otherwise impersonal activity or event come alive. People relate to it. This builds trust.

6. Eliminate (or reduce) risk. Buyers want to be sure that if something isn’t right that they have recourse… away to say, “No thanks. It didn’t live up to what you said.” Guarantees help. So does communicating how committed you are to make sure that every single client or customer is happy. 

7. Provide information using many communication channels. Make it easy for people to contact you and respond. Put convenience, not obstacles, in front of your prospects. Make notes on what channel customers prefer to use.

8. Stay in touch. It’s human nature to trust those people you see or communicate with often, and to be skeptical about people you don’t know –– especially when they offer things that sound “too good to be true.

Bonus - Direct marketing tip - Frequent communication allows you to build and nurture a trusting relationship. Direct marketing using mail provides an efficient way to stay in touch. There is less competition in the mailbox to help keep you selling. There is also more trust in the written word sent by mail. Just ask your insurance agent or financial planner.



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