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8 Ways to Make Social Media Matter

CTCT Employee

8 Ways to Make Social Media Matter



So you have a non-profit business. You’ve got your website set up with a beautiful donate button and a button for contacts to sign up for your mailing list – Now what?


Social Media can be a huge booster in terms of donations, potential donors, and a great way to engage with current and past donators. Social Media can be the driving force that you need to really get your non-profit noticed.


Nancy Schwartz, a non-profit marketing expert, wrote a great article for the Network for Good NonProfit Marketing Blog called 8 Ways to Make Social Media Matter. The article explains how you can use Social Media to boost marketing and fundraising impact.


  1. Get to know your people. – Do the proper research via surveys or phone calls where you can learn what social platforms your supporters are using.
  2. Use your marketing/fundraising plan to keep on track. – Who are your prospects? Who are the people who will take the actions that will drive your marketing goals forward?
  3. Assess if and where to invest in Social Media – Really decide if certain social platforms will work for your organization.
  4. Focus your energy and time on the most-used channel. – Say you enjoy using Pinterest but you get more attention on Facebook, focus more on Facebook to really get the most out of that platform.
  5. Invest the time. – Don’t be afraid to spend 30 – 60 minutes on social media websites a day.
  6. Create some incremental benchmarks. – Set goals for yourself! That might be getting two retweets a day or four likes on a post on Facebook.
  7. Like or follow five to 10 colleague or competitive organizations. – It’s important to see what others are doing and how they are competing for your supporters’ and prospects’ attention. Use their example to help you grow with social media.
  8. Adapt your approach as needed on an ongoing basis. – Social media is a frequently changing world. If something isn’t working for you, don’t be afraid to switch your methods.

Don’t miss out on potential supporters and backers for your non-profit! The world is becoming more and more social, are you using these 8 tips to extend your reach?


You can read Nancy’s full article here.


Melissa M
Community and Social Support Intern

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