83 Sites You Need to Know About to Find Super High Quality Photos

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83 Sites You Need to Know About to Find Super High Quality Photos

83 Sites You Need to Know About to Find Super High Quality Photos

by Mark Mikelat, president of
Building Aspirations

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Do you struggle finding the right photo to convey the right message in your social media marketing? There are a ton of great sources, but wouldn’t it be great if they were all in one place? What if you were directed to editing tools too? Then of course, you might need a better understanding of copyrights and what you may and may not use. Well, lament no longer. This short post has all of this and more – 83 Sites You Need to Know About to Find Super High Quality Photos.


Visuals are Powerful 


Mark Mikelat - Small Business DevelopmentA good photo can convey your social media marketing messages powerful and quickly. Please do not shy away from hiring an experienced photographer when you need to. You are paying them for their expertise and not just the photos. With the proper use of shading and lighting they can really tell your marketing story very effectively. But, sometimes, you just need quick photo. Make sure to bookmark this post, and even share it with your friends. Share it with your enemies too.


Play Fair


If you need more information about copyrights, fair use and keeping out of trouble, here is an easy to understand and comprehensive article that explains the specifics of what is and is not copyright infringement. I am not a lawyer, so I cannot and will not advise you on what graphics to use where. I would hate for you to start a national social media marketing campaign and need to halt it due to infringement of intellectual property rights. Make sure to get the expert advice first. Click to read the entire article.


Some Basic Tools 


PicMonkey is a great editing tool with a very simple to use interface. It is free, and there is a premium version if you need more advanced features.

If you are creative and can make you own illustrations, Canva is a great tool. I know several Instagram fans who swear by this tool for their social media marketing. Canva advertises themselves as a free, simple and fun tool to enable “Amazingly Simple Graphic Design.” 


Where to Find the Photos


Mark Mikelat - Small Business DevelopmentFor royalty free stock photos visit iStockPhoto. Some of the photos require you to purchase credits. They also have video clips available for sale.

DollarPhotoClub.com has a huge database of pictures for $1 apiece. They have a membership model.

Death to The Stock Photo has a free and a premium service. Their name speaks to their vision and their business model. This service is very popular with bloggers.

Morgue File is a free photo archive. They explain their name on the site.

DepositPhotos.com has a great collection of millions of high-quality stock photos.

Fotolia sells photos and video clips and they have monthly specials.

For a huge selection, try ShutterStock.com. There are 50 million+ photos, icons, and graphics. If you are an agency, this is a great solution for you.

Pixabay advertises high quality images that you can use anywhere.

Thinkstock photos is a product of Getty Images. You can download 25 photos a day with an annual subscription. 


A Whole Bunch All at Once


There are 20 more resources here for some great photos.
There are 50+ resources shared on this blog post. 


Marketing is nothing without the strategy

Mark Mikelat - Small Business DevelopmentGreat pictures are great pictures. Great marketing requires a strategy and if you do not have one, we should talk. I have consulted on the online marketing strategies of large global corporations and now I focus on helping small business. If you are just posting pictures and hoping that something magically happens, you are not marketing. That whimsical strategy is called gambling.

Click here to learn about my business mentoring program. If your business is established, but just not achieving what you feel you should, we could be a perfect match.

Building Aspirations can help! Connect with us today. We are experts with social media marketing. You know your business. Building Aspirations knows social media.
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