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9 Routine Tasks You Should Eliminate From Your Workday

CTCT Employee

9 Routine Tasks You Should Eliminate From Your Workday

1. Stop overloading your to-do list.9-routine-tasks-youshould-eliminate.jpg

Make a reasonable check that you can accomplish in the day. Peter Tura, a time-management consultant in Dallas states "It results in too many items at the end of the day that are not completed, That will make you feel stressed out, inadequate and unfocused."


2. Stop having open-ended meetings.

Don't have meetings without an agenda.  Not having an agenda can allow your meetings to trail off the point of the meeting. Doug Sundheim, a New York consultant and executive coach, suggests putting three priority topics at the top of your agenda to avoid getting sidetracked by other issues.


3. Stop answering repetitive questions.

Peggy Duncan a personal productivity trainer in Atlanta states "Figure out better ways to answer [questions] without your having to be involved".  You can do this by creating FAQ's on your website or instructional videos.


4. Stop taking the same follow-up approach if people ignore you.

If a vendor or client is ignoring your emails, try reaching out to them in a different manner. For example, if you’re having trouble reaching your vendor, try following up with your immediate contact at that establishment.


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