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9 Steps to Editing with YouTube Video Editor

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9 Steps to Editing with YouTube Video Editor



9 steps to editing with YouTube Video Editor

By: Brannon Cullum


  1. Upload Videos:  In order to use the Video Editor, the videos have to already be uploaded to YouTube.  Brannon lists's how-to guides to help with uploading from your computer and from your mobile phone.
  2. Choose a video to edit: Once your videos are uploaded, go to YouTube editor. You'll see a camera icon on the left and under that you will see all of your uploaded videos.  This area is called "Media Picker".  To preview the video, just click the play icon on the video you want to play.
  3. Add Videos to your storyboard:The storyboard can be found under Media Picker. You can drag/drop up to 7 videos that you wish to edit.
  4. Trim Clips: Clicking on the scissors icon on the video you wish to edit, will allow an Edit Clip dialog box to open.  You can shorten a video by dragging the gray bars "trimmers" on either side of the clip to new start/finish points. Then click save. You can preview at anytime by clicking the Play button.  Tip! You can not split a clip. You would have to add the video multiple times to the storyboard to trim each one down.
  5. Rotate Clips: By clicking on the round arrow icon while over the video in the Storyboard area will allow you to rotate left or right. Then click Save.
  6. Add Effects: Click on the wand icon while mousing over the video in the SToryboard to adjust brightness and contrast, conver the clip into black & white. Don't forget to hit Save when you are done adding effects.
  7. Add Audio: Clicking on the music note will give you a list of music that you can add to your video.  You can search by genre or artist.  You can only use song per video, but you can preview it by clicking on the play icon. To add the audio, click the plus (+) icon.  You can adjust the volume by sliding the bar by the music note & to delete the music, click the "x" next to the slider bar.
  8. Add a Title: Titles can be added in the upper right-hand side.
  9. Publish Your Video: Click Publish when you are finished.  This will create a new video for you, it will not replace your old one.


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