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9 Things Exceptionally Smart Small Businesses Do To Be Successful

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9 Things Exceptionally Smart Small Businesses Do To Be Successful

9 Things Exceptionally Smart Entrepreneurs *Small Businesses* Do To Be Successful


I’d like to re-name this article to say “9 Things Exceptionally Smart Small Businesses do to be Successful” because I believe that these 9 things can really help your small business succeed. Thanks to Thomas Oppong, contributor for Entrepreneur Magazine, we now have 9 great tips that can be used to drive your small business to success.


  1.        Take calculated steps toward their goals each day. – This is so true! It’s good to be a risk taker, but be a calculated risk taker. Set a to-do list for yourself each day and be mindful of the steps that you take to get each item done.
  2.        Concentrates on what they do best. – Focus on what you CAN do. Don’t focus on every single project; you have a team that is there to help you deliver. If you put all of your dedication into something you know you can do the best, you’re likely to get better results.
  3.        Sees every problem as an opportunity. – See a problem as an obstacle that you have to find a solution to. Think outside the box and see each problem as a learning experience.
  4.        Steps out of their comfort zones on a regular basis. – Seek new challenges! Your comfort zone may feel safe but the moment you push out of it you will connect with people that inspire you, help you to take a different approach, and probably learn more in the process!
  5.        Open to learning more. – No one knows it all. Successful small businesses should have an innate desire to keep getting better at what they do. The more you learn, the more you get better, and the more your business will succeed.

Want to see the other four tips? Check out Thomas’s full article here. These 9 tips could be an easy solution to help your small businesses be the best it can be.

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