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9 Tips For Webinar Event Marketing & Delivery

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9 Tips For Webinar Event Marketing & Delivery


The task of hosting a webinar may seem like a daunting one at first. Conscious Commerce is here to help! By following the tips below, you can both increase attendance and improve the overall quality of your event.


1. Use A Platform That Works For You

One of the most important aspects of a successful event is the use of an effective platform that is both sustainable and appropriate for your specific needs. User simplicity is key here, as too many required clicks for your prospective clients to access your event can lead to abandonment, and technical issues that incite them to drop from your calls or webinars. GoToWebinar offers a straightforward method for hosting your online seminars, and its user-friendly interface provides you and your event attendees with an easy to use, effective platform.


2. Value Exchange

Relevant information is key in order to move forward with your prospects. Something as simple as a company name can allow you to do the research necessary to confidently offer your services. One of the simplest ways to obtain this information is through a value exchange. A pre-event bonus such as a free download, in exchange for some key pieces of information, is a great incentive for your prospects and a cost effective option for you!


3. Networking

Partner with others! They can spread the word about your event, expand your reach into new markets or lists, and attract new and exciting prospects. Use trackable links to measure your partner's marketing results. Chances are your partners would like something in return, and value exchange becomes an even more important tool. You could pay affiliates to market the event for you. In a "You scratch my back, I scratch yours" scenario, you can offer your partner similar marketing support, and use your ever-expanding network to assist them in their own endeavors. It quickly becomes a wonderfully productive cycle of influence!


4. Use Targeted Online Directories

Online directories are a powerful resource with which to promote awareness and attract clients to your event. Use these directories to expand your reach, but ensure that these channels are relevant to the event that you are planning. Add your event listings to community calendars that focus on the topic you plan to present. If you host a local event, community associations quite often provide community listings that you can utilize, such as a weekly or monthly newsletter. For more information on how to best use social media for this purpose click here. Do not forget to provide a link to your website or event registration in your listing!


5. Profile Your Audience

Get to know your event attendees as much as possible. Hand-pick your obvious prospects and learn as much about them as you can. Once you have this wealth of information, use it to your advantage during your event. Engage them by integrating them into the content or conversation of the presentation. Exhibit a genuine personalized interest in them, and your audience will remain more engaged during your presentation!


HD Video + Engagement = Success

Visual stimulation is paramount during your presentation in order to maintain the attention of your event attendees. Use video where you can! Screen-sharing allows you to both effectively communicate to your audience, and to offer a visual aid or even a personalized walk-through should an event attendee have a question.


Ask questions! Keep your audience engaged by requesting feedback, or by using polls or a show of hands. This involves the attendees and in turn keeps their attention focused on your presentation.


Show some face to build a connection! If audience members know who you are and what you look like it creates a feeling of familiarity, and they feel more comfortable in their dealings with you.


Keep a list of all of your hot links readily available for you to publish during the event. By providing links to your website, newsletter sign-up form, or any other pertinent information, you drive traffic to your offer pages or landing page.


7. Test Prior to Going Live

Once it comes time to host your event, a seamless presentation is crucial. In order to ensure that your webinar or even goes smoothly, it is important to be sure that all technical aspects of your presentation are sound. Have a staff member or affiliate available to test screen-sharing, audio and HD video. People have a tendency to lose interest and bow out if technical issues are not resolved quickly. Troubleshoot before the event, and become adept at solving any technical glitch that may rear its head during your presentation.


8. Be yourself!

Authenticity and uniqueness are vital traits to possess in the realm of public speaking and event hosting. Stand out and represent yourself and your business with confidence. Your event attendees will remember you when they leave, which is the first step to cultivating new and exciting professional relationships.


9. Always Follow Up to Win New Business

Once your event has concluded, keep connected with your event attendees. Follow up with them, expound upon any questions they have regarding your event, and gather their feedback. This keeps your event, and in turn your business, at the forefront of their mind.


Bonus Tip: Turbo-charge your marketing campaign by using social media pay-per-click marketing, such as a Facebook Ad.


Happy Hosting!


For an in-depth look at event marketing, don't forget to register for our upcoming webinar Event Marketing Made Simple, hosted by Conscious Commerce CEO and Master Certified Costant Contact Solution Provider Brandon Klayman!


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