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9 of the Worst Mistakes you can make at Work

CTCT Employee

9 of the Worst Mistakes you can make at Work

A recent article by Travis Bradberry on Inc goes over "The 9 Worst Mistakes You Can Ever Make at Work." When I started reading this article I was thinking that I was going to read mostly about outbursts from employees and how that is harmful to yourself, your work environment, and the company.  It is about more than that though, it gets down to the root of what could cause an outburst by someone. I have seen most of these "mistakes" happen throughout the various jobs that I have had, which ones have you seen? 


Here's the list of 9: 

  1. Backstabbing
  2. Gossiping
  3. Taking Credit for Someone Else's Work
  4. Having an Emotional Hijacking
  5. Announcing that you Hate your Job
  6. Bragging
  7. Telling Lies
  8. Eating Smelly Food
  9. Burning Bridges

After thinking about which ones you have seen, be honest, are you guilty of any?  


Make sure to read the full article here

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