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A 12-step Program for Your 2015 Marketing

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A 12-step Program for Your 2015 Marketing

People generally need to visualize and get organized before they can implement.

Baking a cake takes a recipe and a cupboard of ingredients. Building a house requires a blueprint and a crew of skilled craftspeople. Marketing your business requires a plan plus the tools and know-how to make it happen.

With 2015 steps away, it's time to embrace the clean slate offered by the New Year and create a month-by-month marketing action plan for the entire year.

ThisMonthCalendar.jpgThat may sound overwhelming, but let's start with a few easy steps:

  1. Review your previous marketing efforts and list what worked well and what could stand some improvement or needs to be shelved
  2. List and prioritize your goals for the coming year
  3. Divide those goals and place them into 12 bite size actions – one for January - December
  4. Print out a blank calendar for each month and write down your plan to promote the goal for each month.

Tip: Leave some room on your calendar or use the back of the page to make notes and jot down ideas for subject lines and posts. This will help further develop your editorial calendar and spawn ideas for your supporting content.


You will also want to add your social media posting and email marketing dates to the calendar. Each month, you'll find that this will help you stay focused on your goals, upcoming events and milestones.

This simple road map for the coming year will help you stay focused and on track. Remember it's a basic guide and will most likely be adjusted as you move forward, but it will provide direction.

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