A Mid-Day Encounter with a Luna Moth

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A Mid-Day Encounter with a Luna Moth

IMG_3701.JPGI’ve been working lately to re-invent myself a bit. As my business has evolved, it seems that personal growth and rebirth naturally are part of the evolution. Making decisions about whether or not to grow and expand my business have consumed my thoughts of late. The business has reached the point where I’ve started outsourcing parts of some projects and I’m struggling with the decision of bringing on a college intern or two.


While I relish the idea of mentoring someone, I also know that it will take time to teach and encourage him or her. And, I want to do it right. I had a great mentor when I did a post-graduation internship… she’s remained one of my best friends more than 30 years later and we often discuss various challenges we have with our businesses as we try to manage clients, business growth, family and everything else in our lives.


Recently I read something that one of my brothers had written… he’s currently walking the Way of St. James in Spain and he commented “the thing with the Camino is that it is walked east to west. To see a sunrise, you must stop and turn around because the sunrise is behind you. “ he went on to make the point that we need to take the time to “stop and reflect on what is behind us.”


I feel that lately I’m been so focused on where I’m going, personally and professionally, that I’ve forgotten to take the time to turn around and look at where I’ve been. Looking back at the amazing internship experience I had and the role that it has played in my life makes me not only appreciate the gift of a true friend in my life, but the importance of having a mentor — and being a mentor.


So, with my brother’s reminder to look back at some of the blessings in my life, and my mid-day encounter with a Luna Moth (a symbol of re-birth), I know what the next step needs to be. It’s time for me to mentor a student or two as interns with my business.


Luna moths are attracted to the moon as a source of light. In spiritual terms, they signify rebirth and new beginnings. Because they gravitate towards light in the darkness of the night, the luna moth is seen as a symbol of spiritual transformation, of heightened awareness, and a striving towards truth." From www.maynardlifeoutdoors.com

Anne-Marie Farrow
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